During the warranty period, we provide three (three) free examinations within 4 months. 

Preventive examinations include:

  • Basic cleaning of the machine from dust and foreign objects.
  • Check settings and sensors, new setup.
  • Verification and possible sharpening of mechanics.
  • Check the machine's overall condition.
    • The warranty covers all repairs to parts and assemblies that are damaged due to constructive, manufacturing or material mistakes.
    • Warranty repairs are carried out at the supplier's choice, through repair, replacement of defective parts and assemblies, or machines.
    • The time limit for removal of the fault, considered from the moment of receipt of the message at the service base, recorded on the warranty card, by fax or e-mail, is:
  • two working days for Sofia

If more days are needed for repair, Bank Tech Sys Ltd. provides a turn-over machine to remove the damage.

  • Warranty repairs to the machine must only be carried out by qualified and authorized service personnel.

Any interference by third parties leads to the removal of the further warranty.

    • The following are excluded from the warranty:
      • any consumables worn or damaged during the normal operation of the machine.
      Supplies are: transport and feed rollers, rubber belts, rubber or silicone rollers.
  • defects due to non-compliance with the machine operating instructions;
  • defects caused by foreign objects in the machine, excessive contamination, or caused intentionally during the warranty period are removed for an additional fee, by agreement.
  • defects arising due to force majeure, natural disasters, fire, floods or vandalism, transport damage when the machine is transported or moved by a third pers

For out-of-warranty maintenance, a separate contract is concluded.